The Hub

Let’s build the Hub and be done with the tech giants

by Charlie Alice Raya

The ideas for the Hub address a wide range of issues: rethinking business practices in general, rethinking online business practices, rethinking the internet including social media, rethinking communication, arts, entertainment and shopping, rethinking the digitalisation of services regarding health, town or city administrations, and tourist administrations, rethinking global business dominance, rethinking how to deal with profits, rethinking how to take past and present injustices into account, and some other points.

In short, the Hub has grown into a complex idea with a lot of potential input for how we might decide to deal with each other in the future.

This collection contains scenes and dialogues from book 1, beginning and from book 2, travelling.

In book 1 the idea for the Hub is developed, the teams are set up, and a first Hub version is launched at the Easy Town conference, causing panic among tech giants, and leading to a memorable meeting with one of them.

In book 2 some of the Hub Stations are visited, more people get nervous about the Hub, and the Hub prepares the launch of additional features.

In some cases unused and additional material are included.

Part V of this collection contains additional material such as the Hub perspectives or the Hub business model as blueprint for other businesses.

This collection concludes with the big question: What does it take to build the Hub?

The Hub, the book, by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover

The Hub

Let’s build the Hub
and be done with the tech giants

by Charlie Alice Raya

A collection with scenes and dialogues from book 1, beginning & from book 2, travelling, plus additional material

Pages: 301 pages, 56K words
Format: ePub
Price: €8.42 (incl. VAT)

2 Files

The Hub, ePub
The Hub Tour, pdf


  • Introduction


  • How the idea for the Hub came about
  • The Hub – a summary
  • Rethinking business practices

The Hub in book 1, beginning

  1. How it all began, week 1
  2. The Hub Stations, week 2
  3. The Hub weekend, week 7
  4. Just before the conference, week 8
  5. The Hub speech, conference
  6. The Hub in town, conference
  7. Catching on, conference
  8. A nervous tech giant, conference
  9. At the party, conference
  10. Epilogue

The Hub in book 2/1, travelling

  1. Bits and pieces about the Hub, San Francisco
  2. Politics in Rio
  3. A chat with the Dono, Rio de Janeiro
  4. The Hub Station in Buenos Aires
  5. Big players are nervous about the Hub, Buenos Aires
  6. The sex talk, Buenos Aires
  7. The Hub Station in Cape Town
  8. A clash, South Africa
  9. A Hub meeting on the airliner
  10. The Hub Cinema
  11. The Hub Station in Sydney

The Hub in book 2/2, travelling

  1. Updates on the Flight to Beijing
  2. You haven’t come to China to do business?
  3. Autonomy for the Hub, China
  4. Nervous players again, China
  5. The Hub in China
  6. A Hub demonstration, Otaon
  7. Prince Harun wants to know more, Otaon
  8. The Hub in Romania
  9. About dwarfs and giants, Romania
  10. The Hub core transfer preparations, Romania
  11. Numbers, Russia
  12. The Hub core transfer, Russia
  13. Hub numbers, Berlin
  14. The final Hub tests & the launch of the new Hub, Berlin


Additional material

The Hub

  • The Hub business model
  • The Hub Teams
  • The Hub Rooms

The Hub foundations

  • The Hub perspectives
  • The Hub principles
  • The Hub aims


Additional material

The Hub as blueprint for other businesses

  • Bullseye hosting & web design
  • Project bank
  • Straight forward systems & software

What does it take?

  • Building the Hub — What does it take?
  • Building the Hub — First Steps


What’s going to happen with the old internet?


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