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last extended: 28 March 2023

Views from around the universe is our attempt to share some of our experiences with the population on planet Earth.

Originally this chapter was included in a list of contributions, but all of a sudden everyone wanted to have their say, so we decided to offer this extended selection on this additional page.

The following still only comprises a small portion of the experiences of the universe, but as always we hope that our insights might be of help — or at least give you something to smile about.

For more about our communications with planet Earth, see the main universe page on this website.

Yours as always, the planets of the universe


Views from around the universe

A.I. = A manifestation of the earth human’s inferiority complex

A.I. = Earthlings would benefit from considering what intelligence is. Generally speaking, there seems to be a sloppy use of words among earthlings.

A.I. = The assumption that everything has only one valid answer, and that it is about time humans are told what’s right by a real authority.

A.I. = It took us a century, an incredible amount of care and an extensive staff plus several fail-save measures (which don’t always earned this title), to create an A.I. which is relatively dependable and which has indeed been of remarkable help in some areas. However, ever since we started this work, many have asked whether we could not have made better use of our time and resources. And even now, it is difficult to tell whether all the work, all the mistakes we made in the first decades, whether all the efforts of generations was really worth it.

A.I. = We wish humans would put as much effort into improving their natural intelligence, to say nothing about their habitat.

A.I. = I know from my travels across the universe that many planets look down on the achievements in artificial intelligence, and many have with good reason abandoned the further development and use. On our planet we did some very thorough research into when and where we want to use A.I., and a recent poll suggests that the majority of our people is content with the results of our considerations. And there is not a small number of people who benefit from the applications we developed. However, I will make a point many others are bound to make: so long as making profits is involved, developers are bound to work hastily. And we all know what that means, regardless which planet you call your home.

A.I. = The hype around A.I. surprises us. Who wants to read anything an A.I. has written? Once, out of curiosity and for a laugh, ok. But repeatedly … What for? Who wants to know what a machine assembled out of scraps? Besides, there are enough humans with brilliant and intriguing minds. There is no need to add anything artificial. We wonder whether those who make use of A.I. have never realised that the human being, generally speaking, is real, a being, something that is alive, that can be discovered and empowered. People who view other humans as mere assets or purses will use A.I. because they never grasped the reality of a living being in the first place.

A.I. = Humans … They are so gullible. And so eager to worship what seems superior to them (and usually isn’t). And in their strive to gain superiority by creating something they perceive as superior they overlook that an A.I. will always be flawed, not least because the human was not created to digest terabytes of data, and therefore the human can never be sure what exactly the A.I. has soaked up, or how a particular accumulation of data will interact within the A.I.

A.I. = So long as we used A.I. in a limited, well researched area (well researches so that it is possible to evaluate an A.I.’s output), our A.I.’s were a great help. In some areas working with the A.I. made leaps possible which we hadn’t dreamed of. By now, we don’t use them any more.

A.I. = Another attempt of the fearful human to gain control instead of learning to appreciate the chaos, wonder and original creativity only the human is capable of. Oh, that humans could see how amazing they are if given freedom and opportunity.

A.I. = Soon there will be a boom of devices which are A.I. free. There is only so much patronising a human is willing to tolerate.

A.I. = Ha, ha, ha – earthlings! They feed their A.I.’s crap and expect gold nuggets in return. Ha, ha, ha, that’s earthlings for you.

A.I. = It amazes us to see how human’s wrecked their internet. They made a good start at the beginning. But by now it seems like they have lost it. The quality of the content favoured by their search engines tends to be pretty rotten, and now that they have made a small advance in their A.I. technology they seem set at creating more trash content. If they really keep going in that direction, then soon enough, everything of value will be too deeply buried to be found. It’s a shame. It’s not like there aren’t millions of talented, clever and ingenious humans on planet Earth. Why create trash, and why favour trash in search results when the citizens of the planet have so much to offer?

A.I. = I am sure others will say it, too. But honestly … Honestly! There is already so much trash on the earthling’s internet and now they want to add more trash and faster? And trash that is made of trash. Though some smart neighbour pointed out that trash made of trash is a form of recycling, and yes, recycling is a good thing — usually.

A.I. = Why are humans so eager to replace themselves? Or is it a case of humans wanting to replace other humans because they can’t stand them? In which case some form of therapy might be more promising, often a game of cards and a drink can do wonders, too.

A.I. = I do get that some people prefer a little ping-pong without any of the humane interactions or consequences attached. Or even a little inspiration, which as most of us know has a way of turning up in the most unlikely places. But the idea of using A.I. to create so-called content, leaves me shaking my head. Why would anyone want to read anything created by artificial so-called intelligence? It has no value. And honestly, people of planet Earth, you can spend a long and happy life getting to know each other, you don’t need to add content by a machine. And as for you people who have spent many human hours in creating empty content and now happily embrace a machine which can do it for you, I’d say to you — you kind of missing the point. If you enjoyed your work and if your work had anything to say you wouldn’t leave it to a machine. And if you don’t like your job, find something else to do.

A.I. = artificial wannabe

A.I. = I have a question. The humans on planet Earth do decide what they want and what they don’t want, right? Because, I keep reading that so-called artificial intelligence will change the lives of humans on planet Earth. Like it’s inevitable. Like people will have to put up with A.I. You see what I’m getting at? No one has to put up with A.I. Earthlings have the choice to be in charge of shaping their future. And being a bit more picky about what to allow into their lives and what not, doesn’t do no harm.

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