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My favourite form of protest is to create something better, something that defies stupidity and empowers creatives, craftspeople, customers, scientists and communities worldwide.

The Hub can do all of this and a lot more.

And you can help to make this happen.


Get involved.

Right now raising money without creating dependencies is the priority, not just for the Hub but for all easy town projects.

What will happen with that money?

A first team will be set up for the easy town projects in general so that a number of selected projects can take their first steps together and benefit from each other. The Hub, dot. and pepper books publishing are likely to be the first to leave the initial team and set up their own base. And that’s when the actual teams and funds for the first Hub network will be set up. Well, that’s the plan.

What can you do?

  • Ask questions, test the ideas, challenge the ideas, help to further develop them.
  • Get others involved in the discussions about the Hub.
  • Invite Charlie Alice Raya to introduce and discuss the ideas.
  • Apply as a fund-raiser or a crowdfunding expert if you have a long-term interest in working with the Hub Team or with another project team. Write to // subject: Hub finance job application.

Donate to:
easy town books
Ethik Bank
DE93 8309 4495 0003 46 15 21

reason for transfer: donation for the easy town projects/Hub

The bigger picture

Take a look at the easy town business ideas which can turn the world upside down if enough people dare shape the future.

It is easy to despair in our time. But if we put our minds to it, there is actually a lot we can do.

The easy town ideas website offers an overview of the business ideas which are first in line for a network that is built for a future that connects people, ideas and skills, and restores a connection to our habitat.

Support the projects overview >

Charlie Alice Raya

The Hub and all other business and town ideas came up while I developed the easy town ideas and while I wrote the easy town books.

It doesn’t happen often that a story turns into a blueprint for business ideas that address a lot of what needs addressing.

But since these ideas are out now, and since they have the potential to help us rethink and reshape the world, our communities, our lives, I am proposing that we give them a try.

So far, I have been working on my own, but by now the ideas are far too big and also too urgent to be taken further by a single person.

Therefore, I am looking for people who want to make a difference, who see the world as a whole, who treasure diversity and who are ready to venture, to shape, to find out what we are capable of if we put our minds to it.

I am a writer, a visionary, a creator, a photographer, a web designer. I would love to focus on writing the easy town books and all the other books that are in the pipelines, but I am ready to put down the pen and to lead the initial project team.

I look forward to meeting you.

Charlie Alice Raya