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Businesses on the Hub

The Hub will offer a digital shopping street where the user can choose which shops to display.

The user can further configure those shops and choose to receive recommendations or not, for example.

Depending on the choices the user makes, shops are displayed in 2D or 3D. 3D shops can be entered with an avatar.

Financial transactions are run via the Hub and no user will have to register with a shop to make a purchase. This way the privacy of the user is protected. Delivery addresses are protected via a code system. The Hub receives the money from the user and passes it on to the trader.

easy town project businesses (to be)

Project businesses like dot. (fashion), soap opera (skincare), toys around the world, or hidden doors (furniture) will be available on the Hub.

Usually, there will be several options for users and businesses to use the Hub.

For users

  • access of the business website via the Hub
  • a shop can be added to the user’s shopping street
  • a local workshop can be added to the shopping street
  • a communication channel can be activated for exchanges between a user and a business
  • and more

For businesses

  • create 2D and 3D templates for their shops
  • updates for articles and news
  • support by the Hub regarding the set-up and functionality of the online shop
  • templates and features for local business workshops
  • communication channels for exchanges between users and businesses
  • presentation of video and audio material (workshops, shows, discussions) in the Hub cinema and the Sound Basement respectively
  • advertising in the dedicated Ad Cupboard
  • digital cooperation spaces
  • Hub admin service
  • Hub financial service
  • Hub events
  • and more

Local workshops

Since most project businesses usually produce at local workshops, a customer can connect directly to this workshop and use the Hub for communications.

Example: A dot.customer in Berlin ordered a jacket by a South African designer. This jacket will be produced at the dot.workshop in Berlin. Since the customer will buy from dot. again and is a Hub user, the customer can add the Berlin dot.workshop to their shopping street on the Hub and from then on run all communications via that channel. This would include:

  • discussing last minute changes (the red buttons instead of the green)
  • delivery changes (the customer decides to pick up the jacket after all and have a copy with the tailor)
  • discussions with the local outfit adviser
  • local news (including special offers or parties at the workshop)
  • and more


More about the Hub and project businesses is published on the and on the book stations website.

dot. and the Hub

book stations and the Hub

More businesses

Businesses outside the easy town project can apply for a space in the shopping street pool.

In particular local businesses will find a supportive environment on the Hub.

Any application will be checked thoroughly to make sure that only businesses who exploit neither human nor habitat are added to the pool of businesses available on the Hub.

Some might think that that means curtailing a businessmen’s freedom. Well, there is no reason to grant anyone the freedom to be a crook, an exploiter, a poisoner, or anything else that causes damage.

Furthermore there will be special deals for businesses like: newspapers, publishers, film producers and the like.

Artists and craftspeople of all kinds will find a lot of support on the Hub and actually get paid for their work.

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