What does it take?

It won’t take that much to build the Hub.

If we think big.

If we build a global network from the start.

If we include the whole world this time around, both in terms of developing the Hub and in terms of setting up the physical network.

And if we find the balances we need to stop screwing ourselves, our fellow humans and our planet.

For all of this we will need courageous people, creatives, thinkers, developers, users, visionaries, adventurers, nurturers, makers, builders, and more.

In order to avoid investors, the initial budget for the Hub can be generated by selling Hub vouchers and space options.

Selling 24 million Hub vouchers for €24 each provides €576 million for the initial budget. This can be doubled by selling 2 million space options for €288 each to businesses who want to sell their products via the Hub shopping mall, or to film companies who want to offer their movies in the Hub cinema, and the like.

Those voucher sales add up to an initial budget of more than a billion euros, which should be enough to start building the Hub, and to set up the initial Hub Stations network, plus the teams for the Hub International.

Once the Hub is running, it will earn money, money which won’t be wasted in space exploration.

It will be used to build:

  • communities
  • Hub spaces for towns & cities
  • the natural world
  • businesses which test new business approaches
  • and part of the income will be used to improve the Hub.