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What is dot.?

dot. is an idea for a global fashion company which empowers creatives & small businesses.
The core of this idea is to create locally, offer globally, and produce locally. For that, the umbrella company, will provide the framework for millions of small businesses around the world to partake on the global market.

While dot. works with a different business model, both dot. and the Hub share similar perspectives and principles.

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The customer
The customer is a human being, not a purse. aims at a system that allows a maximum number of people to profit from a single product, not at a system that generates a maximum profit for a single person.

For more see the easy town projects website, dot.perspectives

Hub principles, examples

  • Do no harm
  • Jerk-free zone
  • Mistakes are a chance
  • Take responsibility for your work and actions
  • Create with the independence of the user in mind
  • Create with simplicity and durability in mind
  • Work with nature, coexist
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‘I love a mess of a place, chaos and all. I simply reject exploitation, inequality and discrimination. And I have a special dislike for jerks. They always get my fists twitchy.’

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